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Hush! Libraries and Silence
    Friday May 25, 2012 9:00am - 10:00am @ Patterson Hall, Room 330

    The "shushing" librarian is a common stereotype, but one that is less evident now than it was in the past, even though we probably need the enforcement now more than ever before. In terms of the conference theme, one of the "hidden treasures" that must be rediscovered in today's libraries is silence. It is an issue about which users and staff alike are passionate, though not necessarily in agreement. This research examines how noise, quiet, and silence are discussed in library literature and beyond, and how such discussions reflect the ways in which the value placed on silence in society has changed. Libraries have responded in various and sometimes contradictory ways to the changing value of silence in public spaces. This presentation will examine various approaches taken by libraries, and synthesize a range of discussions on this important topic.


    (Moderator: Elaine MacInnis)

    Wendy Rodgers cannot believe she has been a professional librarian...

    Type Session

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