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Quality Evidence Quick: Innovative Practices for Moving from Full Systematic Reviews to a Rapid Review Model
    Wednesday May 23, 2012 1:30pm - 2:30pm @ Patterson Hall, Room 330

    Budgets everywhere are under stress. Public attention is focused on decisions made in many settings, including health care. Action frequently happens before context is fully understood. Are policy makers' decisions supported by available evidence? Librarians and information managers have the skills to seek, identify, and collect relevant evidence, and to summarize findings to support better decision making. Innovation is needed to determine how time and resources are most effectively committed, and to engage meaningfully with stakeholders before, during, and after the evidence synthesis process. Information professionals involved in summarizing evidence to support policy and decision making in any setting can benefit from our experience working within tight time frames to produce high-quality evidence syntheses. This case study of the experience of staff members at the Nova Scotia Cochrane Resource Centre in moving from comprehensive literature searching and systematic review methodologies to a rapid review model will include lessons learned applicable to any field or area of research. We will discuss possibilities for streamlining the process, always with the goal of producing high quality results. Our approach was ambitious and iterative, and benefited from guidance from other research teams working on similar projects. We learned from the challenge of balancing a quick turnaround with known, robust methods for performing literature searches, screening processes, data extraction, and narrative summaries, and in the future plan to liaise earlier and more frequently with key stakeholders to focus efforts efficiently.

    (Moderator: Amanda Horsman)


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