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Community Chest: Youth and Family Community Engagement @ Your Library
    Thursday May 24, 2012 1:30pm - 2:30pm @ Patterson Hall, Room 224

    Seasoned library leaders Beth Maddigan and Susan Bloos used their years of hands-on work with children, teens and families to develop a community-focused model for library programming. Building on some established frameworks, such as Every Child Ready to Read©, Community Literacy, Family Literacy and Intergenerational Programming, Beth and Susan are using this model to build a treasury of programs that will give librarians working in schools and public libraries a tool to develop, re-energize, or expand current programming happening in libraries.  Necessity, creativity, and user-driven practice have combined and, emerging from the chaos, are some innovative, transformative library programs. Beth and Susan have solicited program submissions from across North America using a targeted and blanket approach. The collected programs are evaluated using a list of criteria defined in the community engagement model. The top 30 submissions in 3 categories will be included in the programming treasury. Join Beth and Susan for a fun-filled, interactive session that will show you ways to discover the treasures that exist in your own community. Then, learn how to mine those treasures to develop a gold standard programming line-up in your school, public or academic library.


    (Moderator: Joan Donaldson)


    Children's Librarian with 20 years of experience working in …

    Susan Bloos has been the Branch Manager of the Forest Height…

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