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Discovering Hidden Treasures Overseas: Young Professionals and International Librarianship
    Wednesday May 23, 2012 11:00am - 12:00pm @ Patterson Hall, Room 324

    In many ways, International Librarianship is a call to adventure for young professionals.  It offers a unique way to further their one’s career development, make a meaningful impact for developing libraries and uphold the highest ideals of the profession.  This session focuses on 2 themes: how library collections in developing countries are Hidden Treasures that help retain the important and unique resources of their people, and; secondly, how time spent abroad illustrates the richness of our profession and can positively shape a young librarian’s career.   Both themes will explore how ways of thinking and doing natural to North American professionals who are working abroad may need to be re-evaluated while maintaining the highest of library standards and practices.  This session’s material will be comprised of the author’s own experience with UNESCO in the Caribbean, as well as researched material from the experiences of other librarians involved with international capacity building projects.


    (Moderator: Laura Dukowski)




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