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Discovering Hidden Needs: How DDA Can Revolutionize Monograph Collection Development
    Wednesday May 23, 2012 3:00pm - 4:00pm @ Patterson Hall, Room 300

    Demand-driven acquisition (DDA, also sometimes called PDA, patron-driven acquisition) of e-books allows patrons to get immediate access to e-books they need, while libraries pay for only the books that actually get used.  Librarians have sophisticated tools to pre-filter the e-books available to patrons. And it all runs through the library's catalogue, seamless to the patrons. This session will bring together three speakers, Meg Ecclestone, of YBP Library Services, to explain the systems used by vendors to help create targeted DDA programs in partnership with libraries, Lou Duggan, of Saint Mary’s University, to describe his PDA project with EBrary, and Novanet’s investigation of consortia PDA/DDA models, and Melissa Belvadi, of UPEI, to describe how her small institution got started in the last year with a very small budget and the outcome so far.  Discussion will include both the mechanics and underlying philosophical issues of using DDA as a collections development tool.


    (Moderator: Leigh Gagnier)


    Presentation - Meg Ecclestone


    Presentation - Melissa Belvadi

    Lou Duggan is the Chair of the Dalhousie School of Information...

    Collection Development Manager, Eastern Canada YBP Library S...

    Academic collections management and analysis, particularly electronic...

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