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Pre-conference CAUL- CBUA Digitization and Digital Preservation Workshop
    Tuesday May 22, 2012 10:00am - 5:00pm @ KCIC Classroom

    CAUL- CBUA Digitization and Digital Preservation Workshop
    This workshop is designed for a wide-ranging audience, from those beginning to consider digitization projects to people who can tell the difference between a DjVu and an OAIS.  Session topics include hands-on CAIRN/Islandora training, digital preservation strategies, and digitization best practices.  Find out what projects are happening in the Region and how your library can get involved.


    10-10:15 - Introductions

    10:15-11:15 - Creighton Barrett: Introduction to Digital Preservation Management
    This session will provide an overview of digital preservation and introduce the OAIS Reference Model and Trustworthy Digital Repositories.  The session will look at basic digital preservation strategies, explore the components of a digital preservation policy framework, and examine the organizational, technological, and resource-related infrastructure needed to manage a digital preservation program.




    11:15-11:30 - Break

    11:30-12:30 - Slavko Manojlovich: OAIS Based File Format Preservation Planning.
    The session will cover preservation planning as described by the OAIS Reference Model. This is a critical component of digitization and the management of borne digital objects and insures the long-term availability and access to our valuable digital collections. The end result of the planning process is an actionable table which summarizes, by media type, the range of ingested file formats, the long-term preservation format(s) for each type of ingested file format and the available access formats used to deliver the digital content to our users on their preferred devices. Preservation planning is applicable to all repository platforms including Islandora, DSpace, EPrints, CONTENTdm, etc.

    12:30-1:00 - Lunch

    1:00-2:00 - Breakout groups

    Attendees are encouraged to join one of the Working Groups created at CAIRN Camp to determine leadership, goals and next steps.

    Access WG: Looks at best practices for access, search and discovery of archival data.

    Best Practices WG: Looks at mapping Islandora/Other repository practices and components to the OAIS standard, as well as investigate other certification standards. It will also investigate established metadata practices and standards and promote a common approach among CAUL libraries.

    Policy and Sustainability WG: Investigates costing models and service agreements for CAIRNrepo. It will also look at potential funding opportunities and joint projects within CAUL institutions.

    Education and Communication WG: coordinates communication activities for CAIRN members and provide educational opportunities on repository and preservation issues.


    2:00-3:00 - Erik Moore: Open Q&A session/experience sharing
    This session will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss opportunities and challenges in their local environments as well as solicit advice from the crowd on anything from staffing to best practices to storage models.


    3:00-5:00 (Break at 3:30) - Kirsta Stapelfeldt/David Wilcox/Mark Leggott: CAIRN Islandora training session
    The CAUL Atlantic Islandora Repository Network (CAIRN) project is an Islandora-based digital asset repository for use by all CAUL institutions to steward digital assets in a consortially-managed framework. All Islandora components make use of international standards to ensure the long-term preservation of critical digital assets. The afternoon session will highlight the current functions of the CAIRN repository for member groups, as well as provide information about the issue tracking system used to manage requests for further development. Attendees will be provided with credentials for the site, as well as resources designed to support member institutions in the creation and curation of digital collections. These resources include general content collections (comprised of basic formats such as images and documents) as well as specialized Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD), Institutional Repository (IR), and Authority collections. Members who envision contributing metadata-only collections to CAIRN (in order to highlight developed institutional collections) will also benefit from this session, which will highlight Open Archives Initiative (OAI) harvesting and dissemination functions in the CAIRN system. Attendees will also be provided with access to informational materials prior to the session.





    Archives Specialist, Dalhousie University Archives and Special...


    Erik heads the Centre for Digital Scholarship at UNB. His past...

    Islandora Project/Repository Manager at University of Prince...

    Mark is the University Librarian at the University of PEI, President...

    Digital Preservation

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Resume Review Service
    Wednesday May 23, 2012 12:00pm - 1:30pm @ Fountain Commons: Alumni Boardroom

    This might be the most valuable 20 minutes of your conference! Make an appointment to have your resume reviewed in a 1-on1 meeting with a professional in the field. Mentors will include senior administrators from archives, university libraries, public libraries, hospital libraries and a major commercial vendor. Get advice on your resume and job-hunting strategies from an employer’s perspective. Send your resume ahead of time and get even better feedback!

    To register please contact APLA VP New Brunswick, Christin Sheridan by clicking on the Register button below.

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